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Spray against hair loss.

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Vita Hair Max - new remedy for hair loss. The natural composition made of Keratin, caffeine, and Magnesium curls revives, stimulates growth and peace awakens the follicles.

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Spray in Italy you can buy only through the official Website. The cost of Spray 39€. There is a discount from the manufacturer of 50%. A hurry, you can order two for the price of one!

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Spray Vita Hair Max after a month, her hair filled with vitality and energy.

Product against hair loss. Vita Hair Max - innovative resources in the market of Beauty products and health. The shape of the output Spray. Aims at the solution of the problem of hair loss. Repairs and strengthens the damaged hair structure from the roots. Effectively eliminates dandruff from the head. Thousands of consumers try and Spray action, made the positive result was after a week of daily use.

Spray anti-hair loss action, 5 in 1

Vita Hair Max - this is the successful result of the coordinated work of the experts and scientists who wanted a product was the solution to all of the most common problems for hair care.

The Spray combines the actions of five of the most common resources in the world:

  1. Against Hair Loss
  2. For the growth of new hair, awakens the follicles
  3. Anti-Dandruff-Head
  4. For a quick natural Styling
  5. To strengthen and restore hair from the roots
Universal-Spray against hair loss for men and women Vita Hair Max

Spray Vita Hair Max convenient to use. Easy to apply and is distributed in the whole length of the hair is not greasy and does not stick to it.

Buy Spray Vita Hair Max - buy an effective product against hair loss and dandruff, to strengthen and restore damaged hair, natural remedies for the quick installation of a natural hairstyle.

Spray Universal. Designed for women and men. It is recommended for daily use. Once a day - for the restoration of the damaged hair and for prophylaxis against hair loss. Twice a day to address hair loss and dandruff, to accelerate hair growth.

The effect of the spray against hair loss, stimulates growth

In the case of a uniform application of the components that make up the formula Vita Hair Maxactive the head to nourish the skin and the hair over the entire length of the root. Been absorbed, the Spray also acts active on the dormant bulbs (follicles). Filling materials, the structure of the hair and dormant follicles valuable vitamins and minerals, Spray gets repair mechanisms and urgently Wake up. So, research and practice, the consumer has shown that after a week of using the spray, the hair silk and smooth, shining with beauty and health. And after a month of use – the hair is noticeably longer and thicker. In just two weeks-Spray dandruff effectively.

the Tool for everyday hair care with Keratin-Vita Hair Max

Indications, contraindications, how to

Hair loss

The necessity to use a Spray against hair loss is obvious. Daily hair loss when washing hair, combing their hair and for no reason in the course of the day.

Dandruff of the head

Features - white flakes on clothing, unpleasant sensations of itching on the skin (constantly and creates a feeling of unease).

Thinning hair and receding hairline

Sleep brought the end of hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair. A month later, clearly, what the hair is much thicker.

Brittle, weak and thin hair

The structure of the hair regenerated. Fills the hair with vitamins and minerals to support the healing of destroyed structures. While the lack of Keratin.

Thanks to the natural composition, in which Spray no contraindications. A manual with detailed information about the properties, indications and contraindications.

Application. With the help of a moist spray and the Spray on the hair lengths and comb through. Number of clicks depends on the thickness and length of hair. In case of failure, shed, or desired, to increase the density of the hair, paying special attention to the scalp and the hair at the root. Massaged in Spray RUB. With the help of the active ingredients of the spray and the gentle Massage of the hair to grow faster, and to awaken in the location, to the new growth. The Spray can every day 1-2 times.

The power of natural ingredients

In addition to all these advantages and benefits, Vita Hair Max created on the basis of natural ingredients. Formula Spray - a combination of active ingredients of natural origin. Has no side effects. No chemicals, alcohol, silicones and synthetic resins.

Agent with caffeine against hair loss Vita Hair Max

Magnesium - a vital Element of all tissues and cells of the human body, including the hair. Responsible for the growth and development. If the level of Magnesium are reduced, it speaks of a slow growth of the hair. Therefore, the presence of Magnesium is one of the active ingredients of the Sprays guarantees the activation of the growth of existing and new hair.

Caffeine. According to information from the results of the studies, it is known that the main cause for hair loss in women and men is a surplus of the male hormone testosterone! And that caffeine has the exact properties that neutralize, testosterone. Thus, stop hair loss.

Keratin - the most important Element of the hair, which is more than 75% of its entire structure. Hair wash, Shampoos, chlorinated water, heat Styling and permanent wave, improper combing, negative external environment, ecology and weather conditions (Frost or, on the contrary, in the hot sun). All of this has a negative effect on the top layer of hair (cuticle hair). Again, its surface is just a extra Keratin from the outside. For Example, Vita Hair Max. Wear you spray the Spray on all hair and comb through for an even distribution of the micro-particles of the spray. Repeat this every morning and evening for a week. You will see a significant difference before and after. Your hair looks smooth and silky - so Vita Hair Max filled the structure of the hair Keratin and damaged. With the help of Keratin hair will not only look beautiful, but also easier to comb and style. More resistant to negative external factors.

As in Italy, order - price 39€

To purchase the Original-Spray against hair loss Vita Hair Maxplace an order on the official website. You can use the simplest Form of Online ordering where you just have a name and a phone number. They are waiting for the call Manager, check all the Details. Shipping throughout the country (Italy). Payment by cash on delivery.

Vita Max Hair Spray for strong thick and long hair without dandruff

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The Manager of our company you can also get a clarification on the implementation of the actions. For example, today the action of -50% applies. You can buy Spray Vita Hair Max at a lower price, or equal to two for the price of one.

Spray Vita Hair Max helped, thousands of women and men get rid of hair loss will find beautiful, healthy hair and feeling self-conscious. Give it a try!

Evaluation of the physician

Dr. Doctor-trichologist Giovanni Giovanni
24 years
Hair loss is a very common disease in Italy and around the world. Of particular concern in women. A cost-effective method to stop hair loss is almost impossible. Usually an expensive treatment methods that can afford each one is. With the Spray Vita Hair Max Thousands of women are happier people. Spray effectively stops hair loss after a month of application. Freed from dandruff, promotes growth and strengthens hair from the roots. Has a natural composition and does not cause allergies. Recommend to my patients Vita Hair Max as a reliable and cost-effective solution!